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Quality Assurance

Quality is the name of the game. We take this responsibility very seriously. With each new project that we take on, we put both our reputation and our client's on the line. With this foremost in our minds, we strive to provide each client with our highest quality language services. Since 1997, we have been working with clients throughout the world to help them get their message across in a seamless manner whatever the language.

Our translation quality assurance process is composed of the following stages:

  1. A request for a new project is received by a project manager who will analyze the file(s) in our software against existing translation memories for a given client and language. If necessary, the text will be extracted from non-Word files so that an accurate word count can be obtained. A quote is then rendered based on the language, subject matter, number of words, delivery time, repetitive text within the document, reharvestable text from previous translations and any additional services required for the job, such as desktop publishing, voice talent, in-country reviews, etc. This quote is then sent to the requesting client for approval.

  2. Upon approval to begin the project, a translation team is selected based on the project requirements. Only professional, native speakers of the target language who are specialized in a particular discipline are used and their quality is tracked and measured continuously.

  3. Upon completion of a project, the translation is reviewed and proofread by a native speaker of the source language who also speaks the target language to verify that no meaning or nuance has been altered in the translation.

  4. A native-speaking editor of the target language then edits the reviewed document to guarantee that it reads as smoothly and unambiguously as possible.

  5. Any changes made in the review process are integrated back into the client's memory.

  6. After the translation is completely reviewed and edited, any formatting, desktop publishing, graphic work, or placement of text onto a website takes place.

  7. (Optional) If a client has the translation desktop published, we will review the translation once more after the client’s designer has placed the text into the appropriate design program and provided a PDF document.


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