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All Languages and Fields
• Worker's Compensation Cases
Conference Interpreters
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Court-Certified Interpreters
Simultaneous Equipment Rental
• Sign Language Interpreters (ASL)
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Public and Private Classes
• Executive Programs
• Language Immersion
• English for Foreign Workers
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• Children's Programs
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• Specialized Spanish Programs

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Audio/Video Production
• Foreign Voice Talent
• Voiceovers/Dubbing
Desktop Publishing
• Multilingual Page Layout
• Subtitling/Captioning

If Quality Matters, You've Come to the Right Place.

We understand the importance of conveying a clear and precise message in the global marketplace. Language translation goes far beyond simply switching words between languages. A great translation must clearly, accurately and culturally convey the true meaning, intent and spirit of the original text. When your company's image and reputation are on the line, place your trust in the language experts. We ensure your message is seamlessly conveyed to your target audience—whatever their language and wherever they may be! With several thousand successful projects behind us, we have been serving the language needs of clients big and small for nearly 20 years.

Our entire team of translators, reviewers, editors and project managers has an uncompromising commitment to producing the highest quality work on every project. Quality is not just a word, but the end result of a well-planned and executed job. We work in nearly all languages and fields, translating and localizing product packaging, user manuals, contracts, patents, websites, medical documents, corporate reports, brochures, multimedia, video, marketing collateral and much more. You can count on Indy Translations when it has to be perfect!

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